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Where have I been?!

January and February have been learning months for me. I have upgraded my radon tester certification to a license. The state of Colorado passed a new bill making this a requirement. One of the exemptions of the requirement is " (f) an individual acting within the scope of practice for which the individual is licensed, registered, or certified."

To be frank, I believe that my certification with InterNACHI fits this description. However, I recently learned that some agents do not accept tests from testers who are not licensed. To ensure that my clients' test results are honored without any dispute, I decided to do the required performance test, take the NRPP test, and pay the application fees to both the NRPP and the State of Colorado, totaling over $840.

I haven't changed the way I conduct tests other than requesting that the home seller/occupant sign a closed building agreement, (good luck!). Although I may not take pride in having a "license", I am fully committed to providing exceptional service, as always.

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