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Through the eyes of this Home Inspector

Hat's off to all the Agents/Brokers out there with buyers! Hats off to the buyers who are patient and detailed in there list of desires for the next property to own.

I understand it can be a stressful transaction, add on to that the pandemic. I want to encourage you all to be kind and patient to those who are helping you through the process.

Homes are being sold above asking price, sometimes way above and with no contingencies. You hire me to give a complete home inspection. Many things on the inspection report will be more of a "check list" for you. I do my best to put the health, safety, and expense concerns to the top of the report. Talk to your Agent/ Broker about what is appropriate to put on the "inspection objection" and be sure to read the entire report.

We're all in it together on your journey to homeownership.

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