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Let's investigate!

As a Home Inspector, I make recommendations on my findings. It is not in my Standards of Practice to diagnose my findings, but this is on my property so let's check out what is going on with the water leaking from the foundation on the garage.

Minimal water under the drywall inside caused curiosity, so I cut some of the drywall to expose the situation more. What happened was the seal around the sleeve (place at the time of the foundation pour) and the conduit for the electrical panel had failed after approximately 20 years!

I cut the board to release a metal plate under it (explains the rusty marks outside) and to expose the sleeve and conduit. During this time, it rained for a short bit and with the pressure of the boards gone to push the water mostly outside, it all ran inside. Problem discovered and solved! We added new sealant around the sleeve. Lastly, I will seal the foundation wall when I know things are good and dry.

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