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Ears Wide Open: Embracing the Sounds of Thaw

Do you hear what I hear? As the temperature begins its upward climb, the world around us comes alive with sounds – a symphony of activity replacing the hushed stillness of winter. It's a season of more doing and less sitting still.

While we welcomed the freeze for its role in curbing germs and pests, the thaw brings its own set of challenges. Water pipes may break their icy silence with bursts, and car batteries might decide it's time for a rest.

I, for one, relish the quiet that a hard freeze brings, but as the warmth returns, I become all ears. Listen to your surroundings. Is your house settling into the changing season? Do you catch the subtle hum of water pipes, even when the faucet is off?

Extend your listening to your vehicle. Switch off the radio (and cell) and tune in for at least one errand. How's it running?

And perhaps most importantly, tune in to yourself. Is your body signaling a need for fuel and readiness as warmer days approach?

As we welcome the sunshine, let's embrace the transition. We've weathered the freeze, and now, with ears wide open, we navigate the thaw. We got this!

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